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Bump number...I lost count actually

All of my days are starting to blend together since the start of this journey. Even under normal circumstances, my days blend together, extenuating circumstances my life feels like a bad 1980's cartoon, I keep looking for He-Man or Lion-O from the Thundercats to jump out of the woodwork and whisk me away to Eternia or Third Earth to escape.

I have finally been able to get some actual sleep, I made the descision to NOT stay at the hospital overnight, my husband can sleep better and I get the rest I need to keep up the momentum through the following day, for whatever gets thrown at me. I have been learning little tricks and people are more than willing to share there little tips about how to handle everything, from running out of money, to me time, housing and every thing else you could possibly think of.

My husband, who is the financial wizard of our little family, is stressing over the money, of course, and I finally told him his job is to do nothing but lay in his hospital bed and get well enough to start he treatment and quite possibly get out of the hospital. I listened, learned and made the list of things that he is going to need when he gets to come home, and managed to order the main things that he is going to need when he finally gets released.

Despite the early morning call from my husband stating he didn't want visitors today because he is having surgery again, which I handled with a calm I didn't even know that I had at this point, I learned its for his chemo port, without falling apart. The bumps seem to be getting more frequent, yet, the calm I didn't know I have is helping me through this. So really, I don't need He-Man or Lion-O to whisk me away, I just give control to my Higher Power and he taked it from there.

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