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A bump free day....

I do not like feeling helpless, and there is nothing that creates a helpless feeling when your spouse is diagnosed with cancer. I learned that being close, yet being away from him right now, is one of the ways that that helpless feeling can dissapate somewhat. Nothing causes that helpless feeling to intesify, at least for me, is to see my husband in that hospital bed with all of the bags, and tubes coming out of him.

I am within a mile of his hospital, and the hotel that I am staying at, has a free shuttle to the hospital, and if it is an emergency, I call the front desk andI'll be on my way within five minutes. That takes most of the helpless feeling away, as well as the fact that  my husband's best friend has not left to go back home since we got here last Monday. That is a true friend.

Today is all about me and resetting my mental mind frame to find the strength to keep going. Feeling helpless is going to be one of my biggest "bumps" to overcome, and today has been a "bump" free day.




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