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The Second Bump...balancing both families and I'm exhausted

The second bump on this journey as arrived, and it is leaving me exhausted. Family is important, no matter what. No matter what disagreements, fights or drama that has happened, family is important. Trying to blend the in-laws and me, lets just say is not working out according to how I thought it would go.

I promised my husband when his family came to visit, I would leave them alone to visit, that's not the issue I am having. Communication is key, and well, my in-laws and I don't communicate very well. They all have my number, since its posted on the white board in my husband's room, but I only have one number for them. Trying to get any information out of my husband is impossible at this point, as he doesn't know much himself or doesn't remember.

My issue is, I would like to know when they are coming so I can plan my time around them. I am tired already, and it gets frustrating to get up and leave less than two seconds after I get there and settled in. Family is family, yet I wish there was communication...

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