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Here We Go

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June 19, 2019 

I've just joined this group.

I am 57 years old. Female. Wife. Mother to three. Gramma to 5, plus two bonus. 

Active, travelor, knitter, walker, workout lady. 

It has been aproximately six weeks since I first heard the words "leukemia/lymphoma" in relation to me. Me. What followed was a whirlwind of blood tests, CT scans, ENT biopsies, two bone marrow procedures (OUCH), waiting for gene mutation/chromosone lab results from the Mayo clinic. Meeting and choosing an Oncologist. Joining a Clinical Trial. Surgery to implant a PortaCath. 

Official Diagnosis: Stage 3 Metastatic Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and/or Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma. With the lymphatic system metastizing to 25% bone involvement.



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