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"It's a Tumor" - December 2015

Hope these are helpful.  I appologize if they are out of order...  first time at this blogging thing! 



In my best Arnold voice, I said, "it's a tumor".  Too soon?

Over the years, I have told him that everything is a tumor.  A paper cut...Tumor.  A stomach ache... Tumor.  The  hiccups... Tumor.  Stub my toe... Tumor. So, true to form, J and I joke about EVERYTHING.  I don’t know that there would be a topic off limits.  It's how both our families deal with stress and adversity.  While they may not do it to this degree, I am glad that J has a sense of humor (sick as it may be) that we can share.  Laughter is good medicine (or so I hear), so why not laugh at what scares the begeezus out of us? I am sure I will say it more than once, life is too short.  We have to live in the moment.  We need to continue to be aware of the light and love that surrounds us no matter what the adversity.  At this point, I know there really is a tumor, but not what it is made of.  I am really not all that worried. I have some concern, but because everyone thinks it will be ok, it might.  Somehow, I am not sure I buy into that statement 100%.  There is something in the back of my mind telling me, it won't.  It won't be ok.  I want to shake it, but I cant.  I TRY to shake it, but "trying is failing" as I often say.  I do believe in the power of positive thinking, yet somehow I can not get over this hump.  I don’t really share that feeling with anyone, I just keep thinking that if I let them tell me enough that it will be OK, I might believe it. 

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