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The beginning - Thanksgiving Weekend 2015

I am gong to post a series of blogs/stories. Not sure where to put them, but wanted to share in the even ANYONE benefits. I wrote them as time passed.  Sorry if they are out of order! This is from November 2015




Why does my bra keep making me itch?? That is what I thought.  I ran my thumb over  the padding at least 10 times.  There was nothing there.  Yet, SOMETHING kept poking me.  It was poking and itchy.  I wanted it to go away.  I finally ripped my bra off and threw it on the floor.  Then, in my usual fashion, I scratched and clawed and rubbed my boobs.  Ahhhhh!! That is better…..


Wait, what is that? What is this funny spot?? There is something on my boob!! There is something that that feels like a lump!! Oh no!! This is something hard, under the skin.  Something that was not there before.   Something that I am going to have to check on.  I have stretch marks in both breasts and this felt different.  This felt HARD and small and not in a line like the scars (stretch marks really).  I even asked J (Jay) to feel it.  He gladly abliged with a goofy grin on his face. I asked, do you feel that? Does that feel funny to you? He made a face and agreed that we did not like it and that we needed to check it out. 


I made an appointment as fast as I could at my old doctor's office.  He is not there anymore, so they said I could come see the nurse practitioner.  The visit was short and sweet.  She felt my boobs, asked lots of questions and then it began.  She referred me to Sally Jobe for a mammogram.  I was able to get in pretty quickly and they also did a ultrasound.  Everyone I met was very nice and very helpful.  People in scheduling were calling others and making sure I could get in SOMEWHERE.  The ultrasound and mammogram went fairly quickly and without too much pain. 


A doctor (female) came in, introduced herself and then said she was going to recommend a biopsy.  A core something, something biopsy.  What that really means is that they are going to stab me with a tube that looks like a needle and pull out some tissue to test.  I thought that would be pretty quick and painless too.  Well, no need to worry until there is a reason to worry.  I told J what they said and we decided that it was just going to be a lump or tissue that we could dismiss or remove.  The C word did not even really come up. 


As I talked to people at work and the family, it amazed me how many people had dealt with this.  Once I told Barb at Don's happy hour, she said she had a couple of them checked and they turned out to be nothing.  Doug heard us and told me that Jill had the same thing.  I already felt like it did not have to be a big secret, but I was not really ready to talk to everyone about it.  From there, I told Allie and Tim.  They both had experience as well.  Allie was for herself, Tim was with both his daughters.  It made me take a pause at how many.  They are of all ages.  They are of all backgrounds.  Everyone was extremely supportive.  They all told me it would be ok.  They all said it would be fine.  As the days went on, I let more and more people in the loop.  I am not ashamed, I just have a "thing". 

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