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Hello to all CSN Members,

I am in search of recommendations/suggestions that the community may be aware of regarding my discomfort with regard to bowel movements as detailed below:


  1. Diagnosed with CR Cancer Stage III on Jan 4th 2018. CT Scan and follow-up biopsies taken during Colonscopy confirmed Low Grade (Moderately-Differentiated) Adenocarcinoma


  1. Commenced Chemotherapy Treatment Jan 31 using XELOX (Xeloda Tablets and Oxaliplatin). Due to complete exhaustion, diarrhea and weakness after 3-cycles I was then switched to FOLFOX 5-FU Treatment and completed 1-cycle in April.
  2. Commenced Radiation Treatment (31-Fractions) during the period May-July. This was very painful as I felt weak as well as difficulty in bowel movement.
  3. Performed Lower Anterior Resection with Ileostomy Aug 25.
  4. Resumed FOLFOX Treatment in October and completed 4 rounds by November 2018.
  5. Had reversal of stoma on Jan 4th 2019.

It's approximately 4-months since my reversal and I experience tremendous difficulty and painful bowel movements. Stool is watery at times and despite efforts to bulk-up with fibre intake even artificial fibre, I have excesssive burning and itching in the anal region. A sigmoidoscopy revealed mild radiation proctitis and doctors have advised that it could take up to 18 months before I feel better. In the meantime I continue to try and constipate with Immodium and other derivatives. 

Anyone with similar effects of this as described above and have found a way to deal with it would be much appreciated.






If you haven't tried the Meet an Ostomate site, I suggest you check it out.  I was on it for about a year until recently.  It's a great site for people who have had ostomies and reversals.  Everybody on there has one or the other and have a lot of great info to share.  Very speciffic to your particular problem and I'm sure somebody on there willl have some advice.


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