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My name is Karen. I am a single mother with an 11 year old daughter.  I had a rare form of  thyroid cancer.  My treatment was intense (6 years ago) I am now left with no speech, swallowing problems, and breathing issues. I am currently on Disability. I still need to follow up with my oncologist every 6 months. 

I am trying to find others who suffer from the side effects of cancer treatment.  I see a lot of posts from people who are going through treatment......that is not where I am at.  

Anyone out there who can relate to my situation or knows how to direct me would be great.   

Thank you for your help.   


Just happy to be on THIS side of the dirt!! Yes, I too am a warrior.  I had triple negative breast cancer with a wicked growth rate.  The trreatment(s) were aggressive and I too now have several lingering issues.  I suppose the most annoying is not being able to do 1/2 the things I used to.  I was 47 at diagnosis (which "they" told me was young) and I now have the MANY follow up visits with oncology, proctology, podiatry, radiology and soon to be neuorolgy.  Ihave been poked and prodded ever since chemo to work against the side effect, to little avail.  

What is it you are looking for direction on? I have seen a few chats since I have been on here... just joined a couple days ago.  Happy to help if I can. 

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When you make it through the other side of treatment it is called "survivorship."  It is a journey as wellse, and as you describe, it is not understood by everyone.  I would suggest seeing if your local cancer center has any SURVIVORSHIP meetings you can attend.  It is definitely not understood, and as more and more people are able to live through it (thank GOD) it means a new way of thinking.

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