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So many tests, so little time

Hello all,


First and foremost – THANK YOU FOR ALL THE POSITIVE THOUGHTS, PRAYER AND SUPPORT!! It really does help!

The DNA testing came back “negative”, so I will probably be able to get away with a much smaller surgery. She even went so far as to say there is only 4.5% chance of occurrence on the other side.  VERY GOOD NEWS. 

Next step – meet with Surgeon to determine next steps and surgery date.  I realize that I am not the norm by sharing all this “personal” information, however, I am just such an open book and I draw strength from all of you.  In the words of my brother…. Because Laughter is the best medicine. 


I shared and shared and shared.  I wanted to be open.  I wanted to be honest.  I debated it.  I thought, so many do this and never tell a soul.  Some do it and only tell friends and family.  I thought to myself, well, I am a trainer.  I train for a living.  I share and I learn and then I share what I learn.  As my trainers will tell you, they were always learning what I learned.  Sometimes we would go to new restaurant openings and they would ask me, what are "we" learning now?? Well, I figured that if I tried to keep it a secret, eventually, I would say the wrong thing to the wrong person and they would be blind sided by the news.  That is not nice. Not fair, so I decided I would share the entire thing on the internet and via email to friends and family. 


(I am just getting around to posting what I shared in 2016 - more to come)

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