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Newly diagnosed - Gleason 7-8

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Hi all, My grandpa (82yo) was diagnosed with prostate cancer on Friday. His psa goes between 13-15. 7/12 cores showed cancer, with all being on the left side but one on the right (with the lowest grade of 6). The ones on the left are: one 3+4 at 25%, two 5% at 4+3, one 15% at 4+3 and one 20% at 4+3. Last one is 4+4 at 5%. Would this mean he has a Gleason score of 8 since that is the highest? He is getting his bone scan tomorrow and ct Wednesday. I’m very nervous for these tests because I realize his scores are aggressive. Anyone been in a similar situation? Thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Thank you!


Also - I am noticing many people have a radiation doctor as well as an oncologist. My grandpa was only referred to a radiation therapist - is that normal? Thanks again! 

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Hi Poppy's

Welcome to the board. I hope the scans bring you peace of mind.

The Gleason score in your grandpa's case is 8 (4+4), but even if it were lower any treatment choice would take into consideration his age, any other existing illness and future predictions in health hazards. To such extent, clinical practice guidelines are reluctant in recommending radical therapies (in particular to surgery for prostate cancer) to guys over 75 years old. Radiation is less invasive (external-beam radiation therapy) which may be the reson for him to be referred to a radiation therapist. In any case, the scans will help in judging the extent of the disease. These exams are not perfect as they do not detect small size abnormalities/lesions, but they may be enough when surgery is ruled out from the beginning. Accordingly, radiation therapists are good in radiotherapy as medical oncologists are good in palliative treatments (hormonal, chemo, immune, etc).

I wonder if you can share more details of his diagnosis. What made him to get a biopsy? Were there any symptoms? Do you have his PSA histology? Does your grandpa have any other illness? What about osteoporosis or pain in joints?

We here are survivors sharing information and providing opinions based on own experience or knowledge acquired from researches done along the years as patient. Surely we will try helping you to understand the facts. Just inquire.

Best wishes and luck in your grandpa journey.



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and have lived many years beyond the initial diagnosis.

In the meantime, let's hope the scans don't show anything of concern. Then we can discuss possible treatments, including no treatment.

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