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Scared Not sure what to expect Need some advise

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Well I went to the doctor yesterday thinking I was having a problem with my appendix. She examined me and felt that it was probably pain and nausua related to appendix or gallbladder. Dr asked me to have some blood tests and really wanted to do a CT scan just to see if this was an emergency situation or if we had more time to make a care plan. I agreed to the scan and thnak god I did. My appendix and gallbladder where fine the doctor said when she called me last night but she then went on to tell me that I have RCC in my right kidney there is a 2 cm tumor. I also have a tumor in my utarus but it is fibroidal and the tumor in the kidney is top priority. I was told today that I go see a oncoligist Friday to get started on a care plan. I don;t even know exactly what to ask this dr or what to expect him to tell me. From what i have read so far it seems that surgery is first choice for this type of cancer. Help does anyone have any advice on what I should be asking this doctor.

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