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Urethra cancer

hi im new to this site. Wondering if anyone has Urethra cancer? I guess they also call it kidney cancer.  My husband has been diagnosed with urethra cancer, that is were it started , he had some stomach pain went to hospital, they started tested and found cancer in his kidney but said it started in his urethra tube.  Than they found a few small spots on his lung.  Than was last December.  The dr decided to give him platinum chemo which hits the kidney . My husband had diabetes, which doesn’t help.   They gave him one 6 hr treatment, he did ok, the next week they gave him a 2 hr treatment and was supposed to have another 2 hr treatment the following week, than you get a week break and start all over again.  Well after second treatment he started getting real bad headache so they did a brain mri and found the cancer had reach his brain. One tremor and it is the middle of brain, they can’t operate.  They decided to give him radiation. He did ok with it, his memory isn’t all their.   Now they decided to start platinum chemo again. Let me say my husband had bad kidney from his diabetes but the first hit of chemo also hurt some of his kidney. So now they gave him his first plat chem, 6 hr.  He gets dehydratie goes to hospital has a seizure doesn’t know us for two days, than recognize us but don’t know are names.  After 5 days he knows are names.  He is using a walker now and doesn’t have some of his recent memory back.   We go to chemo dr tomorrow to see what she has to say and kidney dr next week.   I have some dr say he only has 3 to 6 months and chemo dr says she wants to give chemo to maintain it. And it might give him more time. And some drs say don’t give him chemo just give him quality of life.  It’s so confusing. Has anyone been threw this? Thank you

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