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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

Waiting for the Mothership

i am now a caregiver to my beloved.  Never saw it coming.  Clean colonoscopy 2016 but “oops“ GI doctor missed it.  2018 digestive issues.  Beloved had complete bloodwork by GP to see if food intolerances and wbc and nothing odd found. GP congratulates beloved on being healthy.  Digestive issues persists. Beloved visits different GI specialists and the tumor is discovered partially blocking rectum.  Stage IIIC colorectal cancer. Six weeks chemo and radiation.  Next LAR with temp loop ileostomy.  Beloved asks surgeon in follow up when is the next CT scan. Doc says waving his hand like shooing a fly, “Way on down the road.  First, adjuvantive chemo for 4 months.“ We leave feeling like we escaped the IV.  Beloved feels cramps on right side 4 weeks later.  CT scan happens now, not way down the road.  Mets to liver.  yay Team cramps.   

IV is now here.  It didn’t wipe its feet when it came through the door.   


medical community fail 


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I am sorry, SpaceCadet.  

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