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Endometrial cancer - grade 1

I am an 81 y/o female who was diagnosed with adenocarcioma of the endometrium - grade 1.  My life expectancy is around 84.

I am wondering if I should have surgery or opt for just radiation instead.  The reason I ask the question is  my age and health history

which is as follows:

(1) Post stroke - 10 years ago. Independent, Still drive,  but use a walker 

(2) COPD - mild  (3) Cataracts  (4) Rectocele  (5) Cystocele  (6) Hypertension  (7) Knees - bone-on-bone,

and now the cancer.

The surgeon wants to do the hysterectomy and the gyn wants to follow with a rectocele/cystocele repair.  How long will both 

surgeries take?  The oncologist said that anesthesia for more than 4 hours is not recommended ... but we all know that what

can go wrong will go wrong.  So, given my age and health history should I have both surgeries at the same time, just the

hysterectomy, or opt for only radiation?   




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Suzyblitz, if you click on the "Discussion Boards" at the top, left-hand side of this page, you will find that there is a Uterine board where you can come and ask the lovely ladies there for suggestions.  You are not alone.   

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