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cancer and alcoholism. can i handle both?

my husband has stomach cancer and is going through chemo therap. he refuses to quit drinking. gets angry when I ask about it. not sure how to deal with watch someone i love hurt themselves. any advice? feeling very alone 


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Being a recovering alkie myself for over 30 years I must say that there really isn't much you can say to him that will change his mind.  My recommendation is for you to go some Al-Anon meetings.  There you will find others with the same problem you're facing.  Maybe not the cancer issue but it will help you deal with his drinking.  My father in law was the same way.  He passed away still drinking all through his pancreatic cancer.  At a certain point knowing he wasn't going to make it we just let it go.

You need to take care of yourself first so you can help him better later.

PM me if need be.


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