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Review before posting

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Recently, before showing up in the thread, one on my post said that it needs to be reviewed by a forum administrator. It will be useful to know what triggers such review process? Length or hyperlinks? Thanks

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Thanks for asking. CSN's more recent security updates implemented features it searches for before automatically approving them for posting. In your most recent post you are most likely referring to, it was most likely the number of links that triggered the approval needed. It can be curse words, links, sometimes simply the formating can be off from pasting from another document (as many spammers just copy and past into new comments). Sometimes frequency of posting can also trigger this security protocol. 

I appreciate you asking and understanding the need for these mechanisms to be in place to try and keep out as many spammers as possible. As with flagged content, these approvals (although rare) are at the top of our list for making sure all our members are able to use the site and respond to each other with as much fluidity as possible. 


Best Regards,



CSN Support Team

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Makes sense.


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Hi Simone,

I attempted to post a response to a thread on the Uterine Cancer Board this a.m.  I received the message that before posting, my response needed to be reviewed by an administrator.  Since my response never showed up on the thread and I never received any indication that it was not in compliance with posting guidelines, can you please advise when/if my response will be reviewed?

Many thanks,


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Hi MoeKay,

I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused regarding your post.  As Simone had stated, it is possible that a post may get periodically selected by our software for review.  We strive to keep up with the site as current as possible but sometimes it can take 1 to 2 business days for posts to be approved.  I do not see however the post you mentioned for review.  Please submit your post again.


Posts: 247
Joined: Feb 2004

Thank you, Ken!  I did as you suggested.  MoeKay

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