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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

letters being replaced with *

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Moderators, I have noticed words are starting to pop up with asterisks starting to replaced letters for perfectly good words:

m*** - I figured out what this is and is a common word in the cancer world

su****ious -  I figured out what this is and is a common word in the cancer world

***ist -  not sure about this word but it was written by a 68 year old women who was sharing her story with Stage IV cancer to help someone newly diagnosed

Can you review your settings?  For some of us CSN is the only place there are discussion boards on our cancers and it is needed to help others who find themselves diagnosed with the same cancer.  This is making it too hard to read for those who are thrown in to this new world and has to learn the language of "cancer".

Thank you for your consideration.

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A member whose name is c/a/s/s. (slashes placed to prevent blocking) comes up as C*** when directly referred to  in a comment.  The settings are extreme.

(Was ***ist possibly a/s/s/ist?)  Too much innocuous stuff is affected by banning all these letter combinations.

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