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On Thursday night I grabbed my camera and tripod and took a jaunt around the neighborhood. We have a Christmas Full Moon coming up, but Christmas night is forecast to be cloudier than tonight. Better strike while the shutter release is hot!

The Moon is about 10 hours prior to Full at the time of this shot. Its features are veiled, but I could still spy a bit of detail:

The night was downright sultry as I scoped out Christmas lights.

A few days ago I treated myself to a USB microscope, which is helping me try to figure out just how many angels can dance on the head of a pin:

Full size

It also helped me turn my saliva into something festive:


Dust, a dead leaf, and my eyelashes became cosmic:


This message is brought to you by an astronomical stencil and magnified onionskin:


Wishing blessings and comfort to all.


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I love the first photograph--just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

Blessings and comfort to you too,



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