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Ovarian Cancer New Therapy Appraoch

Despite billions of dollars spent over the past decades on research, ovarian cancer still has high mortality rates. This indicates that scientists need a new and better approach to fight it by targeting its initiation through the stem cells, Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs).

Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are malignant cells within a tumor that have self-renewal characteristics similar to normal stem cells but lead toformation of cancerous tumor. According to a recent research, scientists have found that attacking CSCs can be the best way to overcome ovarian cancer.

The reason is because epithelial ovarian cancers (EOC) are account for nearly 90% of all ovarian cancer cases and are thought to arise from ovarian surface epithelium stem cells or fallopian tube epithelium. This leads the researchers to focus on EOC in the majority of ovarian CSC studies.

CSCs are capable of generating primary and recurrent ovarian cancer through extensive rounds of asymmetric division; therefore, a scientific approach to combat it by attacking the root of the problem deserves favorable consideration.

Ovarian cancer silently and progressively develops toward an advanced condition. Although it is often successfully treated with a combination of surgery and chemotherapy, the tumor tends to turn into terminal, recurrent, or chemoresistant in high percentage of patients. This new approach brings more hope that there will be a better prognosis for the disease.

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