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Damaging Effects of Cancer

My Cancer History

I consider I was one of the happiest people on earth. I had friends all over the country and abroad. I had my fiancée for whom I wrote all my poems, love songs. We were so deeply in love that the first time I finished making love with her, I remember holding the front door and screamed of joy.

And then cancer came…

Since my childhood I had the dream to become a scientist. I started my pre-med, planning to become a physician. Suddenly, I started having a cold that would not stop. I went to my primary physician for check up. After numerous diagnostic procedures, he couldn’t find the cause; he then referred me to a specialist. One thing lead to another, I was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer, a rare form of malignant tumor. I took chemo and radiation; nothing works. Instead helping, they damage my kidneys, liver, and the tumor has spread in my body...

She cried when I told her the news, and promised to be there for me. Then she started to be distant, ignoring my calls, and being rude when I tried to question her about her behavior. In short, she treated me like a trash in order to force me to quit. One day, while I was in pain in my bed, her dad called me to let me know he is going to her prenuptial celebration, but “you will still be my son, he said. He really loved me, I guess. Before long a friend of mine called to tell me about her marriage. As DON HENLEY says in his song “The Heart of the Matter”, I knew it would come. I was strong and sad at the same time. Maybe a cancer survivor like can understand the feeling.

Ever since, I have to stop my study to fight for my life. I have created my website, cancereffects.com, to tell people about the effects of cancer, and give other cancer patients opportunity to share their story. Cancer is not a death sentence, but it is surely a painful melody usually starts by a dark lyric from a health care professional: I am sorry, you have cancer. 

Life is a dance room. From the moment you were born until the end you will have people to dance with. But somewhere, at a corner, there is a dance, alone, you must dance. The steps you take will determine your destiny. I am dancing mine. Learn more about cancereffects here

If you have your partner stands by you after cancer diagnosis, cherish him/her dearly. Most people don’t have that chance.


Anyway, life goes on!

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