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Caregiver of a cancer patient

I am so worried and new about all this Cancer stuff. I do not know who to trust or believe.


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I had been my sister's caregiver for a little over a year until June 16, 2014 when she passed away. I held her hand as she left me so there are many things that I can say. More important is that as a caregiver to a cancer patient you have to remember to take care of yourself and to educate yourself. My sister died of AML, a type of blood cancer. When she was first diagnosed I mourned her life even before she died. I was scared and cried for 2 weeks straight. What I did afterwards was what changed her life. I live in Nevada and she lived in California where she was treated. I drove to see her after work every weekend and spent all my free time with her. I couldn't save her but I reminded myself of that. I learned everything about her disease and helped her become informed of what we could expect. The best part of being her caregiver was the time she and I spent together, because even when she had her bad days she took a lot of joy in our chats and our time.

Love the person you are caring for, inform yourself and remind yourself that you are doing everything you can.

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