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Uterine Carcinosarcoma Survivors ..I would like to from you

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I am 66 years old.   In September of 2013 I started bleeding, after not having a period since 1998.  I went to my famiIy doctor and she did a pap test.  The test came back negetive but she wanted a biopsy done by a gynecologist.  The biopsy came back negetive, but the gynecologist wanted to do a D&C because I was still bleeding.

The D&C, done in October, showed uterine carcinosarcoma.  She referred me to a gynecologist oncologist.

The gynecologist oncologist did a hysterectomy,plus removed ovaries,24 lymph nodes,cervix, and the fallopian tubes. That was done the week before Christmas. The biopsy  and a spot result was a tumor between the inner and outter wall of the uterus and a spot within the right ovary.  I had 6 chemo treatments(Taxol-carboplatin).  They were 21 days apart. I was to follow it by 3 radiation treatments 1 week apart.  The chemo treatments went fine, only redisule nperipheral neuropathy(numbness and tingling of the hands and feet).  My doctor said to go home and give my body time to recover from the chemo before the raditiation treatments would start.

I met with the raditiation oncologist on June 3 and she said a PET scan would need to be done to know where to aim the rays.   The PET scan was done 2 days later with the doctor getting the results in time for my appointment later that day.

She said I have good news and bad news.  The good news is you do not need radition treatments at this time.  The bad news is the PET scan showed both left& right lung has innumerble pulmonary nodules, the liver has two spots, and the peritoneum(skin covering the internal organs) has two spots.  With spots of cancer located so far apart radition at this time is not an option.

I met my oncologist last week and found out they will do further testing on the specimen taken at my hysterectomy.  It will be a few weeks before I know my next step in the treatment of my cancer.  

The doctor thought the advanced testing will give a better chane of getting the right chemo drug or drugs to stop this from growing.  The chemo drugs and treatment schedule I had usually works.  I'm special..........I don't want to be THAT special!

Has anyone online went through this on-going cancer?   It was a shock to hear the caner had not only came back, but also went beyound the pelvis area to the lungs and liver.

I know frame of mind has a lot to do with healing,so I am exercising,doing my normal activities with friends and family, reading the inspirational books, and saying thank you to people who tell me I am in their prayers.

Please answer













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If you go to the Discussion Boards / Uterine Cancer and search keywords "uterine carcinosarcoma" or "MMMT" you will find many threads related to this diagnosis. You will get much more response if you post there.

Good luck to you!

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