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A Glimpse of My Daily Struggle

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I'm not gonna lie to sugar coat the notion of dealing with cancer and the health issues that come after. Some people say life gets easier after the cancer is in remission. Well, those people must be the lucky ones. I deal with the after effects of my cancer on a daily basis. Some days are easier than others, but everyday I have to choose to fight. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer for the first time about two and a half years ago. At first, I was worried, not for myself, but for those around me. See my cancer had spread to my entire thyroid and most of the lymph nodes in my neck before they caught it. I was told I might not survive the operation to remove it, but luckily I did. For me the hardest part of living with this disease is being strong for the people in my life. I know I should probably focus more on myself, but I've always been the kind of person who cares for others more than myself. I can't help it. My heart breaks to see other people in pain, and I have this innate drive to want to help them any way I can. Now back to what I wanted to say. Sadly, the after effects of my cancer have left my immune system crippled. Everything makes me sick, but I fight through it. Sure I wish I didn't have to deal with this all of the time, but I wouldn't have met some of the best people in my life. Those people are the reason I choose to get out of bed everyday. They give me hope for a better tomorrow. My cancer has caused a plethora of health issues. However, I am not going to go into that right now. Basically I just wanted to spend a few minutes to explain how i cope. I look at the blesings God has given me both with the people He's placed in my life and the things he has allowed me to do. Sure life with cancer is hard, but I am not my cancer. I simply have cancer. 


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Goldenh10, I completely agree with you!  It is inspiring and very motivating to read just this one paragraph written by someone who truly knows what I am going through, and has obviously taken the time to reflect on her situation, and best of all, someone who has come up with a very positive message!  

I had cancer when I was a child.  I was very lucky and was able to become a part of study that was treating with radiation, surgery, and chemo.  I've had little problems crop up now and again, but for the most part, I lived a pretty good life from age 15-45.  

I now have some complications that have made every day a struggle, and the docs are telling me that this is pretty much what I can expect from here on out, however long that might be.  I too, am the kind of person that cannot stand to see others hurting in any way, and will often put their interests ahead of my own.  But now, being in pain for such a prolonged period, I have noticed that I occasionally slip into a kind of self-absorbed pity.  

Luckily, all it takes to get out of such a funk, is to be reminded of the blessings that I have been given.   And I am truly inspired by reading just this tiny bit of your story.  Thank you so much for the reminder that I am NOT my illness!  I inhabit a body that is having some issues, but the illness does not define me!  

Thank you so much for posting!

You are BOTH an inspiration to me.  Thank you!Smile

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