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2 year old with rhabdo

    Hello, my name is Brendan McCoy, and my son was recently diagnosed with Rhobdomyosarcoma. His name is Joseph and he is 2 years and 4months old. The tumor is located where the prostate gland would normally be located, and is about 5cm in diameter. I am writing this about 8 days after the diagnosis, 5 days after biopsy surgery, and 1 day after chemo. My wife and I struggled to concieve a child, and Joseph was a miracle to the family. He is the only grandchild of the family and will most likely be the only grandchild of the family. To say the situation is devastating is quite an understatement, but moving forward is the only option for us. I am so desperate for informatin and discussion, especially from parents in the same situation. That is why I am writing this , and that is why I will share any and all information as to the arduous process that we are about to experience for any possible future parents and families that may experience this horrible situation.


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Sorry about your little son Joseph.

Go to https://www.smartpatients.com/; there is a large community of parents of Rhabdomysarcoma patients, called "Rhabdo Angels".

Good luck!

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