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A question about the CSN Survey came up on the Head and Neck site.  I felt it was legit, I filled it out, but I got a lot of phone calls during the process.  When I hit the submit button, I seemed to time out.  I don't know if the survey went through.  I am KTeacher on the site.

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I will find out and let you know.

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However when I tried to re-submit, I got a message "You have already submitted a response to this survey" which I assume means that they received it.

Survey had a few questions that I struggled with:

30. Insurance: since not everyone is in USA, there should be options for government / provincial insurance / other

33. Formal Social Groups: should be option for none

Don't remember the question # but it was asking about influence of religious community and had no option for atheists / agnostics.

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