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Java States Will Be Blocking Chatroom in Future Java Releases

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Lately when I log into the chatroom I am getting a message from Jave that it is an unsafe application. I also get this specific message:

"Running unsigned applications like this will be blocked in a future release because it is potentially unsafe and a security risk."

So does this mean in future Java updates, it will be impossible to log into CSN chatrooms unless CSN changes something?

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Java is still giving me the same message.

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This is all I have from technical support so far:

There is infomation about error messages and such on the JAVA website at http://www.java.com/en/download/help/appsecuritydialogs.xml.

  • Starting with Java 7 Update 40, the option for Do not show this again for this app is no longer available. Unlike previous versions, the user cannot suppress the security dialog for an unsigned application and will have to select the option, I accept the risk and want to run this app, each time the user wants to run an unsigned application.

We have been trying to set up a meeting with the vendor for our chat application, Akiva.  Stay tuned, please.

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