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This issue can only bother total nerds like myself, but I was wondering: after the post itself was deleted, why does the record of it remain in the sorted view?

Here's an example:

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I don't know, but will certainly ask. Thanks for reporting this!

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I don't consider myself a nerd (maybe I should) but, this question/glitch has been raised a few times recently: I sent an email to Greta concerning the same issue: the spammer's posts were removed from no less than 3 threads but the spammer's user name remained on the home page for that discussion board (3X!). And another CSN member, Carlee, also reported this same glitch: http://csn.cancer.org/node/263506 

It's been 2 months so, wondering if CSN admin has had a chance to identify why this is occurring & when/if it might be corrected?  Thx. 
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