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Jewel Antionette Bowie

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I am the mother who had a daughter that suffered of ovarian cancer unfortunately she didn't survive.  She has been dead now for 9 years as of 2004. To get on here and read about the survivors made my heart happy to know you all beat the odds.  My daughter was 26 and this was something that came out of no where very unexpected.  I remember all the trips to the hospital, to treatment, then put her in a nursing home.  At this time I decided that I would bring her home and let her live out the last days of her life.  She died at home September 8, 2004.  Life for me I can't explain there are days that are much harder than others such as the anniversary date of her death.  I work with a boarding school and was very happy to learn that they finally honor Ovarian Cancer.  First I was upset because everything was Breast Cancer which that's not the only type of cancer out here.  So this month I'm teaching my girls about Ovarian Cancer and having them to do a project.  I would like for them to write letters to the surviviors so if anyone can assist me in telling me how to go about this I would be so  ever grateful. I continue to honor my daughter by honoring anyone that is diagnose with the very came cancer she died from. Continue to live life to the fullness and be a testimony for someone that might not think they can beat the odds.

Thank you,

Mrs. Carolyn Terry


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I am very sorry about you daughter passing so young. Ovarian cancer is a deadly disease with no screening and poor prognosis that sneaks up on women of all ages.

I suggest that you collect letters from your students and post them on Ovarian discussion board. Dozens of ovarian cancer patients, survivors and their caregivers (including myself) are using this board on the regular basis and they would be honored and delighted to read those letters.

Best wishes to you and your girls and thank you for this valuable initiative.


You can read my Ovca story if you click on my picture.


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Thank you Alexandra that was great information and I will surely be posting and reading your story as well. You really look good:)

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