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Purpose of the board.

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You are invited to report problems of a technical nature on this board. It's an attempt to encourage more members to report problems and provide as much information about them as possible. Members can also see if others have reported a problem they're having, and maybe contribute more information or ask other members for information about their experience with a problem.  For example, someone who can't access chat might learn from other members that chat is only available to members using a personal computer (as opposed to a mobile device). Your reports and discussions may help the technical support team to identify and resolve problems more quickly.
Please note: The technical team will not respond to posts on this board, but please be assured that they are reading what you have to say. Their focus is to use the information to actively find and fix problems as quickly as possible. Technical problems are frustrating. We understand how upsetting it is when they affect your ability to celebrate good news or to get/give support, especially at a crucial time. This board is intended to provide another way to report technical problems,  add additional insight into a problem that has already been reported and get that information to the technical support team as quickly as possible.
As long as it fulfills its purpose, the board will remain up.
Please include as much information as possible when reporting a problem! If you notice that someone reported a problem that you are having but left out some information, please add what you know! If you had the same problem but experienced it a little differently or were using a different browser or device, please add that information, too.
  • Describe the problem. What were you trying to do that a technical problem prevented or affected? If you got an error message, what did it say? (Copy and paste it in your post if you can/want.)
  • Were you were using a personal computer (PC) or mobile device (iPhone, Android, Blackberry or iPad/Tablet)?
  • What browser were you using? (internet explorer, safari, firefox, chrome, etc.
  • What is the URL of the page where you had the problem or exactly where were you? E.g. name of the particular discussion board, which logon/login page, expressions gallery, etc..
  • Date and time the problem occurred and, if applicable, how long it lasted. 

A friendly reminder: CSN terms and conditions apply here as they do elsewhere on the site. Laughing

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