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loving mama

hi my name is sharon i first found out my son had syvonial cell sacoma was very scary.I was home in bed when i get a call at 12am he said he was at the ER i ask whats wrong he said he will call back when the doctor come in.I waited for hours no call about 4:00 am i called him back and he was home i ask whats wrong he just said call u in the mornin i can hear it in his voice i said no whats wrong thats when he told me he had a tumor on his hip and lungs i felt like my life was crush .i cried all night until i finally got to his house.we went to the doctor that tuesday they run test.When that doctor can in and told us it was the big C i started praying its been almost two years alot of ups and downs but with GOD on our side things are gettin better.The doctors said he might not be able to have kids and two weeks ago we find out that my first grandchild is do in Nov.14 2013.GOD is good just keep prayin and living your life

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