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How I lost my life

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Before I was diagosed with cancer, I lived a spectacular life. Nothing fancy, mind you, just spectacular(at least to me it was). I had finally conquered my lifetime's inhabitions and was ready to continue with my retirement years in peace and tranquility. My needs were met in almost every catagory. I was the envy of many people and and admired for my decency and honest charecter. Any thing wrong with that? Of coarse not. I remember being tired and relaxed at the end of the day,..and went to bed anxious to fall asleep, so that morning would arrive again and I could enjoy another terrific day. I was truly blessed and was certainly aware of it. I was also aware that it could be lost or taken from me at any moment by some unforeseen senario, which, despite my best efforts,...I would most certainly, one day inadventently overlook. I had matured to the point that I respected myself, which might sound self centered, but, I promise you, I am both serious and sincere. Everyone's live is made up of essential ingrediends for living a balanced, well coordinated life. I strongly believe that self respect is definitely essential, if not the most significant of all of the ingredients needed for a comfortable life,... not money, sex, tobacco, alcohol or any of those things, which I gladly obstained from using. No problem there ! Sound to good to be true? Well, think again. I have often said, my very self, that without evil there would be no good. I now, officially, recant that statement, and, furthermore, I will make a valient argument for my stance, anytime, anywhere. I'm sure, that, I probably sound beligerent and defensive, don't I?  That's because I am, and, for really, no reason at all.

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