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Enough already!

Alexandra's picture

I am sick and tired of unethical trolls flooding CSN Expression Gallery and some boards with commercial advertisements of overseas vacations and knock-off Coach purses. I will continue flagging those posts as soon as I see them.

Have you no shame? Do you consider cancer patients and their caregivers your target demographics for renting dumpsters?

Could CSN web admin propose a solution to filter out spam? Maybe have moderator approve new accounts before they are able to post.



cchqnetman's picture

You are so right.  I usually go thru them as soon as I log on and flag them but it takes a little while for the administrator to delete them,  On the HealingWell website, an administrator looks at every post as it is posted.  I think they have some members that had admin rights and can help police the posts.  That site never sees the trash this one does.  I think it is working very well.



tommyodavey's picture

Thanks for speaking up about this.  It seems all I do is flag and flag before I can read about our brothers and sisters struggling with cancer.


A few more moderators wouldn't hurt.  All they need to do is ask and many will volunteer.



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