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My Battle With 5 Germ Cell Cancer Tumors

In the fall of my freshman year of highschool i began to have headachs so my mom took me to the doctor where i was diagnosed with a sinus infection. After taking the week of medicine the headaches persisted so my mom took me back to the doctor where i was given another round of sinus infection medicine. The headaches became so severe that at school whenever i would go upthe stairs my head would pound like crazy and one time while talking to my brother in our room i passed out right infront of him. Before my sinus medicine was finished i asked my mom to take me back to the doctor because i could not stand my headaches. Tylonol would help for a short time but the relief was short lived. My balance was beginning to be affected which affected my performance in my taekwondo class that i was in with my brother and little sister. At the hospitol again my doctor was not in that day so i had to see the doctor that was on call. One of the first things my mom asked the doctor to do was to watch me walk. I did not notice it but there must have been a noticable change in how i was walking because after the doctor watched me walk and examined me he ordered me to have a CAT scan. Durring the scan my face began to get red. The person who injected me with the contrast for the scan said i may have had a reaction to the iodine in it so now when i'm asked "are you allergic to anything" i say "iodine."The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife as we waited for the results. When my mom and i wer called back into the doctor's office he said the scan revield two tumors and that i should get to Carl Hospitol in Champaign as soon as possible. My dad left work to come see what all was going on and he drove us to Carl.

After the drive from Paris to Charleston it was getting late in the evening but i remember metting some doctors and having an MRI done that revield that i did not have two tumors but five. I don't remember exactly when it was that i was taken to surgery to attempt to remove the tumor in the back of my head that was blocking the flow of brain fluid and causing pressure in my head. Sadly removing the tumor was not a success because i was told it was wrapped around the top of my spine. The good news is the took some samples of the tumor and sent them away for testing. Initially i only had a ten percent chance of living because they believed i had a very bad kind of tumor. It seemed like months waiting in ICU to hear what kind of tumors i had. It was November when i was admitted into the hospitol and some of my siblings my dad, my parents frineds Ray and Lori along with their daughter came to see me and celebrate Thanksgiving with me in the hospitol. As many people know it is alway nice to have company when you are in the hospitol. My mom stayed with me the entire time i was in the hospitol. She slept in the recliner chair that was in my room. I don't know what I would have done if i had to go therough that experience by myself. I remember telling myself on many occasions that "this is all just a bad dream and it will be over eventually."

When we finally got the results back my pediatric oncologyst told me i had Germ Cell Cancer tumors and that if i had to hav a tumor this was one of the best kinds to have because it melts like butter with radiation. After that diagnosis my oncologist said that i may not even have to have chemo but later he would change is mind. Beginning my radiation treatments was not one of the most comfortable experiences, but i would grow acustomed to uncomfortable experiences as i went through my treatment. Spinal taps, blood draws, taking big pills loosing hair in patches from radiation and the list goes on. During the first half of my radiation treatments i laid on my stomach with a plastic mesh that wat molded to conform to my head and the temporary shunt i had in my head. I think i did twelve radiation treatments this way before doing the other half of radiation treatments laying on my back. Chemotherapy was my next challenge. They said the chemo i took sisplaten would make me throw up, would have a metallic taste in my mouth, and would lose weight. I only weighed about a hundred twenty pounds anyway so i did not have mush weight that i could lose without complication. The strange thing is that i had no such reactions to the chemo. I had no metallic taste and i actually gained alot of weight. When i was finished with my treatment i was over two hundred pounds. One of the worst parts of chemo was losing my hair. I don't really know why but i never let my mom shave my head. I guess i wanted to keep my hair as long as i could. The other worst part was that is made me suseptible to diseases. While my imunesystem was compramised i had spinal meningitis and a staff infection at the same time. At the time i had no idea the severity  of having just one of them let alone both at the same time. Not too long after being cured from the spinal meningitus and staff infection i got shingles. I did not react to shingles like i had heard many  other people had. The red marks went from the side of my nect to up across my nose. It did not burn or itch at all. I have no clue why, maybe the medicine i was on made my experience beter.

Nine months after being admitted into the hospitol i was in remission. It was the most difficult time of my life. I am now in my third year of college. I am going to be an architect. I would be further in my education if i was not in the wrong major for two years but im on the right track now .

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