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Joey's Brain Cancer Battle

In 2009, my 33 yr old son was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  It was anaplastic astrocytoma, grade 3.  His was diffuse, meaning it was spread out like a hamburger patty.  Surgeon could not say that he got all of it.  The tumor was in his left frontal lobe.  He was paralyzed on his right side after surgery.  With therapy, he got back his ability to walk, but did not regain use of his right arm.  He took radiation & Temador pill.  Did great for a while, but then a scan showed some active cancer cells.  He was taken off the Temador pill & given chemo by IV.  After several sessions of chemo, scans showed clear.  After that he started developing other health problems.  He had blood clots in his lungs.  He is taking Avastin as a maintenance drug every three weeks.  In 2011 he suffered a mini stroke, which affected his speech & made his right side weaker.  He had to wear a brace to be able to walk. Then a couple of months later he had swelling of the brain.  That took away most of his speech.  In March of 2012 he fell & fractured his pelvis.  After that he was no longer walking.  In September of 2012, he fell & broke his right hip.  He had surgery & four pins inserted.  Chemo weakens the bones, so the orthopedic doctor has said another broken bone will be very serious.  Two weeks later he had to have his gall bladder removed.  He is feeling better after the gall bladder removal, & his appetite is better.  He now has a problem with dehydration & Urinary Tract infections.  He had an MRI today so hopefully we will hear in a couple of days that there are no signs of cancer cells.  His doctor has never talked survival rate, & he has never wanted to know. 

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