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Lancejack: Here's my tale (For what it's worth)

I was diagnosed with cancer of the mandible, in the Spring of 2010. To cut a long story short, after six major surgeries and six weeks of daily radiotherapy, here I am. Cured! And as good as new!

Well, almost. You have to learn to live with the fact that your jaw now comprises part of your right leg (the fibula) and part of your chest (pectoris major) But, All things considered, a pretty fair repair job really. Oh! I almost forgot to mention the 18 month vacation in hell that was my recovery trip! Highlights included having to get all my nutrition through a PEG for a year, Bleeding gums and lips, chronic constipation, urine retension, every form of infection known to man and even a bout of shingles! (for variety). Had to learn to eat again. Had to learn to speak again. You know what? I did it. Not perfect. Never will be, but good enough. I'm a messy eater now, and my speech isn't too clear, but people still seem to understand me. (maybe they just pretend to. I don;t care.) I AM ALIVE! I survived, and I am loving life. I aim to spend the rest of my life helping other cancer victims through my local cancer support centre, here in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England.

I am interested in forming links and friendship networks with Cancer Support Groups in the U.S.A. with a view to sharing experience and expertise in the care of cancer sufferers and survivors and their families and friends.  My email address is: lancejackdave@gmail.com  Why don't you drop me a line?


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Congratulations on beating this dreadful thing! I absolutely admire your attitude and optimism.  Most of the patients, survivors and caregivers on CSN are lovely friendly people and there are more users from outside USA that one might think.

Cheers from Canada and stay healthy and strong


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