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dysphagia and LATE term effects of radiation

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I am going to try this again! I am a 12yr. Survivour of Nasiopharengeal Carcinomia, or something like that (can't spell).
I have had the normal side effects of radiation, my jaw scarred down to about 2 inch opening with teeth there, I have lost most of my hearing, most of my teeth, and as of Christmas when I was hospitalized with aspiration phenumonia I know have peg tube, again, and trying to learn how to swallow again.

Is there any positive results out there. I haven't eaten or drank a fluid in over 60 days, I don't think my throat can take much more considering my salvia glands were so damaged, what returned is thicker and not soothing or saving my teeth. I was given home care speech therapy when 1st discharged and she was very positive and said she had a lot of experience with people like us, and she has had many successes. She was very pleased at movement gained in simple at home exercises. Do to insurance I am waiting outpatient therapy starting in March and I am quite hopeful and wanted to hear from others what to expect. Please respond!

I know a man who had head and neck as well as lung cancer. It has taken him quite a long time I believe to learn how to eat again. Lately he has had great strides, but I believe it was a long,slow process, but he is eating many regular foods. He just has to eat very slow and becareful of aspirating. 

You may want to post in the esosphageal and head and neck cancer, as well. I am sure you will get many more responses than in the expression gallery. I am not sure why new people to the site choose to post in the expressions gallery rather than the forum in the discussion boards for their type of cancer. The expressions gallery page gets a lot less people responding.

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