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How I got here...

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Very simple:  I smoked.  I was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer and because of it's positioning the cause was unequivocally SMOKING.  I (and my wife) have since quit (11/15/12 and 11/16/12 respectively).  However, though I was lucky enough to only need 36 radiation treatments (i.e. - no chemo), I am feeling worse since the treatmet stopped than I think I did on my worst day DURING radiation.  I've had fevers for nearly two weeks straight, I'm coughing up blood mixed in my sputum, I can't sleep and I am getting more and more depressed.  I know others are going through the same thing and PLENTY are in worse condition than me... but I want to feel better already!


Anyone who feels like talking let me know; I could use some buddies who understand.  Thanks for letting me share.

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