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Today I found out I have Nasal Cancer!

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After reading all afternoon I realize I am on a journey of undetermined endourance. I have had sinus problems all my life. Get a couple three sinus infections a year like clock work. Three or four years ago I had a small benigh polyp removed. Two years ago I started to have nose bleeds. Nothing unusual as I have always blead out of my nose easy. Then about 18 months ago I began to have visions problems out of my right eye. The sent me to a eye specialist who said I for some reason was having some blood leakage behind my eye. He started giving me eye injections which are still ongoing. Six months ago my nose got stopped up real bad. Dr. gave me meds. It did not un stop. He checked and turned out I had a blockage from the poylp. Took several months to get the Ok to remove it from my heart doctors. They wanted to do tests first. Well last Wednesday they operated and removed the poylp. I found out today it is cancer. I see the ENT Dr. tomorrow afternoon (Wed.). I now think it was all tied together. Man I have questions now. I have a Health Spring Advantage HMO plan. I wonder what it will cover at a Cancer Hospital and Drs.? I wonder if the cancer has spread to the brain or any where else? I wonder if they will do a MRI or a Pet Scan? I suspect the cancer has a two year head start. I am 61. Got remarried 5 1/2 years ago to a wonder lady. Life was finally really good. Nurse said the Cancer was a type of melanoma. The Dr. told my wife last week that it was stretched all the way up to the bone below my eye and that he had to scrap it off the bone. He thought he got it all. He told me in recovery he did not think it was cancer. But he did say it grew fast and was aggressive. That word aggressive worried me all weekend. It does not look good. I suspect I have some version of ONB.


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I live near Tyler/Longview, Texas. Today has been a tad over the top. Sorry guys, I hope all that made sense.

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Wish you were not having to go through this, but glad you found this support forum.  The good and caring people who post here are an awesome source of support and experience.  I learned something from your blog today.  Your mention of ONB was an acronym that I had never encountered so I searched online to find out more about it.  If what you suspect is right, then your situation is a rare one.  For anyone else interested in ONB, you can read about it in this article...  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2811627/

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