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My husband was just diagnosed with Prostate Cancer with a PSA level of 7.8 and a Gleason score of 9.  We are waiting on results from the bone scan and CT on abdomen and pelvic area last week.  12 tissue samples were taken and 10 were positive.  Tumor is very aggressive per our doctor.  My husband is 62 years old with high blood pressure.  He also has DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) in his left leg.  I want a second opinion after I get the results from the bone and CT scan.  They would then have all test results available.  The Urologist wants to remove the prostate but I want  a second opinion from an Oncologist after we've gotten all the results back.  I'm very scared at this point with the levels being so high and am worried sick that it may have gone outside the prostate.  I'm scared to wait but I'm scared to just move forward.


Hello. I am so sorry to hear of your husband's cancer and DVT. I am sure you will get many more responses if you post this in the Discussion Board for Prostate Cancer on CSN. The Expressions Gallery here on CSN, does not see as many reposnders as does the discussion boards. If you post there, I believe you have a much better chance of getting replies from those who have prostate cancer or are caregivers of those with that type of cancer.

Thank you -- I thought that's what I did.  I'm new so I appreciate your direction.  I wondered why I didn't see it show up in the forum.  Computers weird me out sometimes!

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