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January 17, 2013

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So saw my onc today since he's on vacation tomorrow.  He came out each time to get patients since he was seeing us in his office since all the other rooms were occupied by the other two oncs and their patients.

Will start Nuestla on Saturday, supposed to get a shot 24 hours after chemo infusion to help the white blood cells. 

They have been going down (white blood cell count)so the Nuestla is supposed to help kick start the blood marrow into producing more to keep infection away and keep my cell count up enough to keep doing chemo.

My head is 1/2 bald now, onc did not recognize me with no hair, it was kind of funny.  He kept looking around and finally said my name.  I said "here" and raised my hand.  When we got in his office I said "you didn't recognize me with my bald head did you?" and he said "no", he sure didn't.  Cracked me up.

Nothing to report side affect wise, barely any diarrhea this whole two weeks, been just like normal.

Winter Marie


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I'm watchin' you girl!

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How are your treatments going?

I wish you the best undergoing your treatment. Don't forget to ask if  you can take regular Claritin if you get pain from the Nuelasta shot.

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So much for your suggestion.  I had the shot yesterday, and so far no ill effects.  Lucky so far!

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