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January 5, 2013 Irinotecan

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So on 01/05 I had my "Hair today, Gone tomorrow" party.  My close family and guest came over (they brought presents, I never even thought of that, but they brought hats and scarfs, that was sooo totally cool!!!)and we had our head shaving party and it went great.  I never shed a tear, what a difference a party, friends and family can make when it comes to something as precious as saying goodbye to ones hair.  Thank you Family, thank you Friends!!!  You mean so much to me.

My son did the honors, he had to stop at one point, it kind of got to him.  And my little almost "son" (neighbor boy) didn't deal really well with it, and my poor husband, he'd say things like "Oh no baby" in such a sad way, he didn't realize he was talking aloud, he was feeling "my pain" for me so I wouldn't have to.

But lots of laughter, humor and delicious cake (brought by my daughter-in-law and read "hair today gone tomorrow" with a ribbon and sparkles everywhere.  Very very nice!!!


Had bad stomach cramps today, back like when I had IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) ooooh whee did it hurt, was on floor writhing from the pain, yikes!!!!  Then I threw up and  finally went to the bathroom and the pain stopped and all was good again.  I'd forgotten how much it had hurt way back when, the crawling around moaning on the floor, ahhh, the good ole' days are back again.  Fortunately this did not last more then an hour, for which I am very grateful!!!  Lesson learned?  Drink more water and stop this before it starts!!!

I usually just take one Imodium pill because I'm afraid of backing up the system, but yesterday after my first and only movement in 2 days which ended up being liquid, I decided to take two Imodium pills and put a stop to it right away, well it stopped, stopped right up, hence on floor moaning in pain, waiting for it to finally say, okay, you can go now.  So sticking to one imodium pill in the future.  Why I'm so sensitive to them I don't know, apparently it's a good thing because some people have to take pill after pill after pill.

Other then that, has been a great day!!!

Winter Marie

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