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My Cancer Story

First off i am a female with no history of smoking or drinking. I was the youngest patient with this kind of cancer the Dr.'s at Vanderbilt has ever seen. It was last year on January 26, 2012 thirteen days after my 26 birthday. I was told I had GastroEsophageal Cancer. I didn't find out until a month later that it was in the 4th stage. I was told that I only had a year or a year and a half to live, all they could do for me was to do chemo and hope for the best. On my second round of chemo I had a reaction to one of the chemo drugs. That was a bad day, thank God I was in the hospital getting the chemo. I ended up taking 6 rounds of chemo and on May of 2012 i was told there was  no more cancer. So I went for three months cancer free. Then on August I was told I had some residual cancer so I had to take 5-FU and radiation (chemo and radiation). So in October I was done with everything. Thank God because the radiation was rough. It got to where I couldn't eat much. So now I am waiting to do a PET Scan, I guess I will see what happens next. 

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