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20130106 Mum is admitted for PPC Cycle 1 chemo in-patient

Today we took a taxi to the hospital in Tokyo. Mum has PPC. Only now we find out it is stage 3C, when the nurse came to drop off treatment plan consent form.  Weasked for a copy if theHistopathologyreport soon free the surgery, and they initially said they will. Then a youngdoctor was sent to us to say its too complicated to print it out.  Really. What a lame excuse. I guess this is Japan.

Anyhow, at least now we know. The nurse who took care of mum today was kind and informative, she got a young doctor to come and explain chemo to mum gain since she didn't remember much of what they'd said to her before. 


Mum will have docetaxel and carboplatin tomorrow. Dexa? Infusion prior to chemo. Oral dexa afterwards for 3d. Theybwill allow concurrent treatment with Chinese herbal meds to treat side effects. They can even prescribe it in the hosp. This was a surprise. Mum is told not to eat anything raw to prevent infection. Asked doc about fruits and veg juice mum has been drinking for her anti-cancer diet. She said she can't recommend but it's up to mum.


Mum will stay here for a week or so. From next cycle it will be done outpatient/ambulatory care visit. 

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