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January 4, 2013 Irinotecan

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Today was chemo day (2nd infusion)brushed my hair, long beautiful strands came out.  Hoping it stays in long enough until the 6th of this month for my "Hair today, Gone tomorrow" party, where we'll cut my hair to send to locks of love, if enough is left by then. LOL.

Went in for infusion at 10:00 and was out by 2:00, which isn't bad at all compared to when I got the oxy etc.

Felt a little light headed today during it but that went away.

Threw up about 9:00 tonight, no reason, no nausea just all of a sudden needed to throw up, just the one time, so all good.

Had my first solid poop today, felt good to be normal.

No tiredness, no light headedness after infusion, feel like a normal human being without any problems,, except for this constant pain in lower right side, which makes me worry that the chemo isn't working.

Will see what CEA count is next week.

Winter Marie

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