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January 3, 2013 Irinotecan

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So doing well, I woke up two days ago and my hair was gone from my armpits, I pulled lightly on my head hair and came away with a bunch, as I awoke today, and pulled lightly on my head hair, a whole lot of a bunch came away. 

Went to the oncologist's office today, (chemo tomorrow) and he asked about symptoms etc., told him about hair, he said that bad? as he looked at my long head of hair, I reached up, lightly pulled on it, and he kindly threw all the hair that came away into his trash can.  I told him I planned a head shaving party on Sunday and would be donating my goldilocks to Locks of Love.  He said from the amount of hair I handed him, that, that indeed would be a good idea.

So having my party on Sunday, invited all to the party, why should it be a sad day, jokes have been downloaded from the internet (from other cancer patients that lost their hair but NOT their humor) cake has been ordered by my daughter-in-law, plan on serving snack food and drinks from cola's to margaritas.

As for side affects, still need an immodium a day, no naseau, still have all my normal energy.  I am still feeling the pain in my liver, so I'm wondering if this is working, or if it is another dead end.  Hoping it's working, that the pain is because it'll take a couple of treatments before it starts to shrink appreciatively.  Scary isn't it?  This cancer crap, waiting to see what and if something will work.

Well, here's to the liver tumors shrinking and liver pain going away.

Winter Marie

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