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How do I prepare for first day of Chemo?

I had a consult with Oncologist yesterday and saw the area where the Chemo will be administered and my heart dropped!  What can I do to relax my fears for the first treament? Still in shock about the cancer and yesterday was a reality check for me.  


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I have my 2nd treatment Tuesday the 8th. I was so nervouc before my1st one. I remember how easy it was and how I worked myself up for so much more than needed. Easier said than doen I know. But best thing to do it try to clear your head, calm yourself any way you know how. Me, a small spot in my room that is MY PLACE. I have candles, a plaque w/ bible verse and photos. I sit there when I need clear my head or/and pray.

Just suggestions. Wishing you the best!

It was nice to hear from someone who has had only 1 treatment and about to start another one!  Makes you not feel alone.  Im very lucky my mammogram caught this tumor and revealed I have Stage 1, Triple Negative Cancer.  It is very curable but a fast growing cancer that requires both Chemo & Radiation, not looking foward to either one.  I have to heal from my surgery before I start treatment, so I guess I better enjoy eating while I can!  I'm worried about losing my hair and not sure if I should just get it cut short now and then buzzed after that?  Looks by your picture you still have eyebrows, mine are pretty thin so I am sure I will loose those too!  Do you have to go through Radiation?

Wishing you the Best also!  Your suggestions are appreciated!  


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I just lost my hait Monday and I did cut it short right before I started the chemo so I could get somewhat prepared! I PRAY my eyebrows stay!!! I am doing chemo POSSIBLY radiation. I haven't had my surgery yet. They are doing chemo first. I was so nervous about losing my hair and nothing will prepare you honestly but after that day you will get through this I assure you! Just know you are NOT alone! I am only 32 so this was so hard for me! Losing "my girls" is going to hurt also emotionaly! I am naturally a DD so it is not something I am ready for!!!

Best of luck and you are not alone! Prayers!!

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And the advice above is SOOOO true about stool softners, snack, fluids all that! VERY true and you should really do that!! That is great things said!

Each Cancer Center is different.  Mine supplied patients with coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soft drinks, Popsicles and ice cream.  Some serve meals some have beverages only.  I recommend that you pack some fruit, Boost, sandwich, etc.  pack a magazine, a book, knitting or crocheting to keep yourself occupied.   

Some docs Rx steroids to take before the chemo.  Take them.  Start taking stool softeners once or twice a day.  It is very easy to get bound up and you need to be careful not to become impacted.  It is easier to become dehydrated even when taking lots of fluids to prevent it.  Stock snacks beside your bed and beverages too for the times you are just too tired to get up.  

The first time you have it they will start off slow to watch for allergic reactions.  After that it will speed up a bit. My what type of chemo will you be having?   BTW, I have stage 4 non small cell lung -adenocarcinoma.  My best to you.  Good luck with your treatment.  

Thank you for your advice, I will be sure to pack a little bag.  I am very lucky my Mammogram caught this tumor early,  Stage 1, Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  The Chemo is called Taxoter and Cytoxan.  I am now trying to make my mind up on having Partial Radiation (Mammosite/Internal) or External Radiation.  The Internal radiation is given first and only lasts a week but the External Radiation is longer and as you probably know is given after Chemo.  There is so much to take in and my brain is on overload.  

Wishing you the best also!  Hope you have a good weekend!  



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