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Janis' Battle

My name is Diana, my partner's name is Janis at the beggining of September Janis started gettin sick unable to breath, and getting really tired all the time. On Sepember 15 we went to the emergency room at San jacito Methodist here in Baytown, were we live. For two weekes they did many tests on her trying to find out were the cancer cells were coming from, the doctors tought that she had cancer in the colon or in the lung (because her left lung sac was full of bloody fluid) finally they decided that she needed to go to Houston Methodist and be check there with more tests. They thought that it was cancer in the uterus. The reallity was finally after more tests Neuro Endocrine Carcinoma and it started on the lining of the uterus and had spread to the left leg the ingle, and the abdomen. She wanted to start the chemo right away so they gave her chemo with platinum for three nights at midnight. She started the chemo on a Tuesday nad finished on a Thursday, the dr. send us home after the first round, everithing started after that she did no go to sleep at all after the first chemo and when we came home she started singing non stopping all night and day, we went to the er and they said her white cells were really low and also her red cells, they tried to fix that but her barin recieved al lot of damage from the chemo, she had a neuropshycosis, we were on ICU for a week and a half, the dr told me that I needed to bring her home, that it was nothing they could do anymore. It went so fast two weeks after comig home she past away. It took so long for the doctor to find the right dignosis that she got so sick that nothing could be done anymore, two months after going to the er thinking it was nothing, and it cost her life. Now I am alone still in disbelief that she is gone, Iam no able to understand what happened.

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