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My Love My Robert

My Husband has been battling stage 4 colon cancer met to liver for almost 10 years now. Undergone every available chemo there is.
3 weeks ago our oncologist gave Robert 3 months to live. We now have full time Hospice care givers, I am so very grateful.
Yesterday Robert was able to communicate, pretty functional. Today is a different story.

It is frightening to see the one you love slip away, and it's happening so very fast.

My Love My Robert, you are my hero. I am missing you already.

You have fought a good fight, and I love you so much.

When Robert could speak he kept telling me how sorry he was, and that he felt like he was letting me down. No Way My Love.

My Love, My Robert I have been greatful for everyday we have had together.


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Continue courage and strength for you doing this time.

Vicki Sam

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