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My story

My daughter in law was diagnosed with an inoperable astrocytoma in Sept. 2010. The neurologist said the tumor was mid brain, and was huge. The only symptoms she had were seizures, she would have petit mals frequently and her memory was affected, and the only physical sign was tremor in her right hand. The tumor is wrapped around the thalmus and was invading the ventricles.
She underwent radiation and chemo and there was some shrinkage and things went quite well for about a year. She went without a seizure for approximately a year and her memory had improved tremendously.
In June this year my son phoned me and asked what to do for a grand mal seizure...I told him to call an ambulance, I got to his house at the same time as the ambulance and when I arrived she was still unresponsive. My son said she woke and experienced petit mals of and on for about and hour and then had a grand mal. She had another grand mal when they arrived at the hosp. She remained unresponsive and the doctors thought they would have to intubate her and admit her to ICU. Thankfully she started to come around, so they didn't intubate her, they took her for an MRI, but she moved so much that the picture was not very clear. Her confusion and memory was terrible, nothing like in the past and we were terrified. She remained in the hospital for a week and by the time she came home it seemed like nothing had happened, she was like before.
The doctor increased her seizure medication and things went ok for a few weeks and then the memory started going again, her tremors increased and seizures began again, not many, but they were taking place.
She had another MRI and unfortunately the news was not good, the tumor had grown and was starting to go into the base of the brain. She is now on chemo again and she has been going down since then. Her memory probably retains about 2 minutes of information, her tremors are terrible, she falls, she cannot be left alone at all, and we are just terrified. She goes for another MRI next week and we all are so scared of what the results are going to be.
I need to know if anyone has experienced the same as we are having and if so what was the outcome. Is there any other treatment available? We are not wealthy people and it seems that no other help is available.
I would appreciate any information even if it is not good.
By the way she is 30 years old.

Thank you in advance

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