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My loving mum xx

Hi everyone,
My story started when i was just 3 yrs old.
My mum past away when she was 36 of lymphoma.
I didn't know it at that time but that day would be with me for the rest of my life and my family's.
I have 2 older brothers, a twin sister and my amazing dad who had to raise the four of us on his own.
That day is the only memory I have of my mum. I remember my Aunty picking me and my sister up from kindergarten, arriving home to see people hugging and crying, my dad came up to us and tried to explain what has happened and took us to see our mum for the last time but we didn't understand.
My oldest brother new exactly what had happened and has had a hard time trying to deal with the loss and heartbreak of losing his mother.
All the stories that I've been told of my mum have been beautiful, she would light up any room when she walked in, her dream was us and she wasnt going to give that up without a fight she was always so positive and kept her head held high to the very end.
My sister and I are now 23 yrs old, not a day goes by that don't think of her( an angel looking down on us to guide and protect us )
It was our mums 20th anniversary a few months ago it hurt a lot and was very hard on us all but my sister organized a dinner with our family so we could all be together on the hard day.
And I just want to say congratulations mum on being a grandma twice:-) I love you more than words can say and will see u when it's ment to be.
Thank you for reading it means a lot to me

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